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Comrade of Fermento arrested

Tuesday, 29th of January, shortly after midday, one of our comrades was arrested in his flat. The door was opened by force by a forensic unit.

burn my book

His arrest, the house searches at his home, as well as - once again - of the Anarchist Library Fermento have been justified by the authorities with following accusations:

Our comrade, who's part of the anarchist library, was already harassed because of this poster story before, was taken from his home and had to do a so-called ED-treatment (having DNA, fingerprints, etc taken), as well as an interrogation.

Now, this Tuesday, our comrade was arrested again and it seems like he was forced in his apartment to follow the cops to the Fermento either to open it up for them or give them the keys and... briskly briskly, already two of our computers were confiscated again, one of them brand-new, the other one with an extensive digital archive including full text research on it...

Till now we didn't receive any explanatory statement by the police, any search warrant or something the like. However, we don't assume that our comrade opened the door for the police voluntarily or even gave them the computers as a present.

Thereafter the comrade was brought to the - so called - provisional police prison of Zürich PROPOG, where he is till now. But Friday (February the 1st) he's gonna see the custodial judge, which will decide on his pre-trial custody.

We protest against this arrest of one of our comrades, independently of the question whether the accusations are true or not. Antimilitarism and sabotage have always been a part of anarchism. In our library can be found manifold literature about this.

We call particularly libraries, archives and info shops to inform about this attack on the Fermento and on one of our librarians.

The extraordinary meeting of the anarchist library Fermento at January 31st of 2019

PS: We need computers...